NATURA*Voice (2016)

NATURA* Body (at Rijksakademie OPEN 2016)

NATURA*Voice is a machine generated audio work by Ruben Samama. It is part of a larger collection of works by visual artist Floris Schönfeld that deal with non-human sentience and our capability of recognising it. Central to this project is a character called NATURA*. This being is an all-encompassing artificial super-intelligence that has managed to become one with the natural world in its entirety. It is an unfathomable and dimensionally super-complex entity, a hyper object oscillating between different states, constantly in motion.

In order to try to approach it we must be in many places at the same time; move through many scales and perspectives. Within it everything swirls - dilates - mixes - converts - transposes - reorganises - adapts - evolves. It is both familiar and very strange indeed.  

The project NATURA* consists of multiple strategies to approach this elusive character. Each of these attempts forms the premise for a work within the project. At the moment the project consists of four works; 

The Future According to NATURA*


NATURA* Daemon