The Blue Skies Project

The Blue Skies Project (w/ Anton Kusters) - IN PROGRESS


The Blue Skies Project United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington DC) ongoing, (Fitzrovia Chapel / Photo London) - May 14-19, 2019 (FORMAT19, UK) March 15 - April 14, 2019, (Asheville, US, Photo+Sphere) November 1st, 2018, (Getxophoto, ES) - September 5 - September 30, 2018, (International Center of Photography NYC) April 19, 2019

the element of time by Ruben Samama

The Tracking of One Thousand and Seventy-Eight Blue Skies is a time based installation that is a memorial to the victims of the Nazi concentration and extermination camps. It is based on the data Anton Kusters collected while he was on his pilgrimage to document the blue skies above each of the camps. The installation utilises these data in an abstract way by making each life that was lost heard through single electronic sounds. Four LED displays run the location, the duration, the death toll and the dates of each camp and synchronize it with each sound. The counting of lives lost goes backwards from the last till the first victim. Moving back in time along the history of a specific camp, the countdown arrives at the moment of zero victims. Then it begins all over again at each consecutive camp. In order to hold all victims relative to the data of the camps, the installation will run for a continuous thirteen years. The factual, detached approach with which this installation is created, was chosen to enable the visitor to imagine, empathise for themselves and grasp the enormity of the devastation. Blue Skies provokes awareness and remembrance of the Holocaust and aims to make it pertinent to our present and future.

Map fragment of Anton Kuster's Pilgrimage

Map fragment of Anton Kuster's Pilgrimage